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Doha, Ad Dawhah Qatar
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Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Engineering Supervisor – Wyndham Doha West Bay

18 Jan 2018

Engineering Supervisor will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Engineering Department. In the absence of the Chief and/or Assistant, the Supervisor will assume the administrative, financial and operating aspects of the hotel for the Engineering department.


Job Description

  •  To fully support the Departmental Training Function.
  • To attend and contribute to department meetings and in house trainings as scheduled.

  • To have a complete understanding of the Operations Manual and Policies & Procedures. 

  • Strictly adhere to departmental SOPs.

  • To respond to any changes in the Engineering function as dictated by the hotel.

  • To provide a courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times, following Ibis Standards of Performance.

  • To have a full working knowledge and capability to supervise, correct and demonstrate all duties and tasks in the assigned Place of Work 

  • To be entirely flexible and adapt to rotate within the different sub departments of the Engineering Division or any other Department of the hotel as assigned.

  • To perform all duties and tasks when rotated or assigned to another Department as per established standards for that Department.

  • To be fully conversant with all services and facilities offered by the hotel.

  • To check wastage and ensure optimum usage of material in the operation. 

  • To observe and report energy wastage in any area of the hotel.

  • To be demanding and critical when it comes to departmental standards.

  • To assist the Chief Enhineer in every aspect of the operation as requested.

  • To inspect, maintain, clean and repair all mechanical and plumbing installations and systems.

  • To maintain and repair all mechanical and plumbing fixtures and fittings.

  • To inspect, clean, maintain and repair all installations pertaining to fire fighting, sprinkler and other fire prevention systems.

  • To be fully aware and conversant of the Wyndham values, Count on me!

  •  To be fully aware and conversant of Wyndham environmental charter and is responsible to integrate them in the day to day operation.To be fully aware of policies and procedures and is responsible to integrate them in the day to day operation.

  • To have complete understanding of the hotel Operations Manual and Policies & Procedures. 


Employment Disclaimer


In some locations around the world, Wyndham Hotel Group manages hotel properties on behalf of a third party owner. At many of those properties, the Hotel owner is the actual employer, and Wyndham Hotel Group performs recruiting and hiring functions on their behalf. I understand and agree that, by applying through this site, I may be applying for a position with a company other than Wyndham Hotel Group where Wyndham Hotel Group is serving as the management company and will not be the actual employer.

Minimum Requirement
  • At least 2 years experience in the similar role in the hospitality industry
  • Good interpersonal skills and self-confident
  • Guest oriented and service minded, with attention to quality
  • Dynamic and proactive
  • Good and acceptable presentation
  • A thorough and organized approach
  • Ability to perform under pressure


If you require a reasonable accommodation to complete an application please email your request to Mycareer@Wyn.com and provide the job title and location to which you are applying.

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