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Human Resources
Saudi Arabia
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Wyndham Hotel Group

Human Resources Manager - Saudi Arabia

04 Oct 2017
The Human Resources Manager (in conjunction with the HR Team) will lead the day to day HR Operations.
This will include all aspects of Human Resources from employee relations, compensation and benefits, performance management, training, recruitment, housing, wellness as well as the management of the HR Team, partnering HOD’s, Exec Com as well as driving the hotels KPI’s of GOP, Wynreview, LTO, AES etc.
Main tasks
Employee Relations
  • ·         Ensure that the agreed upon disciplinary process is maintained at all times and fair disciplinary processes are followed by all HOD’s.
    ·         Maintain and enhance the open door policy to all associates providing advice and guidance when needed in regards to their issues or concerns and/or grievances.
    ·         To provide a source of information to HOD’s regarding disciplinary, grievance and staff counselling issues.
    ·          Ensure that all disciplinary procedures are carried out, taking role of implementing them by ensuring consistency in the policy’s implementation. Take an active role as an arbitrator, note taker or advisor where appropriate.
    ·         Train the AHRM/HR Executive/HR Coordinator etc. in the above process
    ·         Log all the incidents in HRIS and file the original copies in the employee files
    ·         On a monthly basis summarise all the incidents with regards disciplinary action and present to GM/RHRM with recommendations
    HR Administration
    ·         Ensure the smooth workflow of the various HR functionalities as to maintaining and providing the needed support to associates and Supervisors/ HOD’s at all times. This includes, but is not limited to filing, administration of starters and leavers and payroll.
    ·         To provide an advice service to associates and Supervisors/ HOD’s on HR SOP’s, Wyndham and local people policies, legal requirements, staffing issues, and act as an arbitrator where necessary.
    ·         Ensure that the hotels are fully compliant with Wyndham people processes and deadlines that govern all Wyndham properties. i.e. AES, Success Matters etc.
    ·         Ensure that the handbook is kept up-to-date at all times and that it is reviewed and printed prior to on boarding.
    ·         Ensure that sporadic associate files audits are carried out on a monthly basis. Follow-up and ensure that team is fully trained on the correct filing standards.
    ·         Payroll to be reviewed and checked prior to the GM/Director of Finance or Financial Controller signing
    ·         Letters to be produced for the associates in a timely manner
    ·         On boarding process to be seamless
    ·         To ensure that all leavers are processed in a timely manner and their leaving process is as good as their joining one
    ·         Manage the PRO and visa process to ensure that all associates have valid visas and that they are tracked appropriately (where applicable)
    ·         Conduct interviews for all Supervisory and HOD positions
    ·         Work in conjunction with the RHRM for recruitment of GM’s/Hotel Manager’s/EAME’s/Director of Operations/Exec Com/HR Team
    ·         Supervise HR team with regards to line level recruitment
    ·         Participate in annual salary and benefit surveys
    ·         Ensure that the employment contracts templates are pre-approved by RHRM prior to use and not edited
    ·         Review manning and re-recruitment of all positions
    ·         Ensure that the arrival experience is as good as the guests
    ·         Ensures that all open jobs are posted via Taleo and the SOP’s and Wyndham standards are followed in using the system
    Performance Management
    ·         Ensure that all departing associates have the opportunity to have an online exit interview
    ·         On a monthly basis ensure that a summary of exit interviews is sent  to the GM as well as the HOD’s
    ·         Ensure that the administration of the 3-month/5 month review (where applicable) process in the property and ensure that follow-up for all issues is done in timely manner and results of both follow-up and the initial reviews are communicated to all relevant parties
    ·         Analyse the reviews to see if there are trends in the reviews; this is to be shared on a monthly basis with the GM
    Performance Review
    ·         Ensure that appropriate training is done with the HOD’s and Supervisors that administer the review process
    ·         Talent Reviews are alive and active and the target audience know why they are so important
    ·         Pay increase master spreadsheet is constructed to be reviewed by the GM /DoF/FC as per the EMEA policy
    ·         Pay increase letters are done in an accurate and timely manner. All letters are distributed, one singed copy returned and all the information updated in HRIS.
    ·         Provide summary analyses and statistics of turnover at the beginning of each month to the HOD’s and HR teams
    ·         Have an up to date account of internal promotions/transfers in/transfers out to be submitted to the GM/RHRM on a monthly basis
    ·         Complete the monthly and mid-month HR finance forecast
    ·         Update the personalised departmental reports so that the HOD’s and Exec Com have a clear overview of where is going well and what they need to focus on
    HR Communication
    ·         Conduct monthly departmental HR meetings and ensure that it is minuted
    ·         Conducted weekly documented 121’s with all direct reports
    ·         Share all relevant information with GM/RHRM in weekly 121’s
    ·         Monthly HOD Meeting
    ·         Weekly Exec Com Meeting
    ·         Quarterly all Hotel Meeting
    ·         Morning HR Meeting
    ·         Attend Morning hotel meeting when needed
    ·         Ensure that team publish the monthly hotel magazine
    ·         Associate Meetings
    Employee Wellness
    ·        Conduct walkabout of Heart of House areas once a week and report any maintenance and cleanliness issues to relevant parties. Ensure that clean and hygienic, well-kept staff areas are maintained at all times.   Follow-up on action items to ensure that they are completed before the next weekly HOH walkabout
    ·        Ensure together with the HR team that at least 2-4 social or sports activities are organised for the associates on a monthly bases
    ·        Review the annual social calendar to ensure a good mix for the nationalities etc. we employ
    ·        Wellness Events take place ideally at least once a month
    ·         Analyse the trends in sickness to ensure that we get to the bottom of any root causes
    ·         Ensure one CSR event takes place every quarter
    Associate Dining
    ·         Ensure that you dine in the Associate restaurant at least three times a week
    ·         Work in conjunction with the Chef or provider to ensure consistent service delivery
    ·      Ensure that the payroll is submitted to Finance on the agreed date
    ·       PH and Lieu day tracking is accurate and up to date
    ·        Overtime tracking is done in a timely manner – analyse to see if we need any more staff/associates in any of the departments due to consistent overtime
    ·         Analysis of the above to see if the hotel need to change the way that we use casuals  etc. – make a business case with the HOD for any changes
    ·        Review with the DoF/FC/GM the payroll figures and challenge the HOD’s with regards to over spending and casual usage
    ·         Meet with all the HOD’s and Exec Com to discuss their manning wish list for the follow year’s budget
    ·         Work in excel to ensure that all the costs are accurately budgeted for Finance to upload into Wynview
    ·         Prepare the HR Budget – Training, Recruitment, Housing, HR General
    Third party contracts (where applicable)
    Manage the following contracts:
    ·        Transportation
    ·         Associate/Staff dining
    ·         Accommodation
    ·         Pest Control
    ·         Medical Insurance
    ·         Supervise the HR team and office on daily basis
    ·         Schedule HR shift patterns and office opening times to ensure that HR are delivering what the associates need
    ·         Train and develop the team and provide support when required
    ·         Ensure all direct reports have an PDP to achieve their goals
    ·         Ensure that effective communication flow is maintained at all times
    ·         Actively participate in the community involvement projects and initiatives together with the hotel’s management team
    ·         Conduct monthly inspections at the staff accommodations with the Housing team and report the results
    ·         Attend Departmental Meetings to address any issues or concerns for staff each department on a quarterly basis
    HR Audit
    ·         Ensure 100% compliance in the HR Audit and do monthly reviews to keep this alive
    Associate Engagement Survey
    ·         Create awareness about AES and market the increased scores with regular celebrations
    ·         Coordinate the hotel’s AES action plans with all HOD’s to ensure that it is a living document
    ·         For the Pulse check ensure that the HOD’s have followed up on their agreed actions and escalate with regards to any challenges
    ·         Check and annual AES cycle is maintained and part of the living culture of the hotel.
    ·         Ensure that the Training Manager/responsible person conducts the relevant trainings to the business needs
    ·         Attend where possible the monthly departmental trainer meetings with the Training Manager/responsible person
    ·         Ensure 100% Training Manager/responsible person compliant with all mandatory training requirements
    ·         Review the monthly training calendar with the Training Manager/responsible person
  • Work with the Housing team to ensure that the associate accommodation is kept to the same standard as the hotel
  • Ensure that CAP’EX is spend and all the FF&E is working and up to the minimum standard


Employment Disclaimer

In some locations around the world, Wyndham Hotel Group manages hotel properties on behalf of a third party owner. At many of those properties, the Hotel owner is the actual employer, and Wyndham Hotel Group performs recruiting and hiring functions on their behalf. I understand and agree that, by applying through this site, I may be applying for a position with a company other than Wyndham Hotel Group where Wyndham Hotel Group is serving as the management company and will not be the actual employer.

Minimum Requirements
  • At least 4+ years as a Human Resources Manager in a branded hotel
  • Able to lead and manage a large team
  • Knowledgeable with all aspects of the HR function
  • Able to work with little guidance as it is a stand alone role
  • Familiarity with and knowledge of Saudi employment laws ideally


If you require a reasonable accommodation to complete an application please email your request to Mycareer@Wyn.com and provide the job title and location to which you are applying.

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