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Specialist, Sustainability

I started at Wyndham Worldwide as an Intern (Wyntern) in June 2010. From there I transitioned to a consultant and then a full time Associate. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity that Wyndham has provided me. My role is to support Wyndham’s sustainability goals by helping the Company achieve a lower global carbon footprint. Talk about important and meaningful! I work closely with associates around the world to help track and analyze their energy usage in our environmental data management system, the Wyndham Green Toolbox and help Company and franchisee properties and offices to be as energy efficient as possible.

I love what I do, because not only is Wyndham Worldwide a wonderful company to work for, but sustainability is a growing industry that most businesses, even outside hospitality, are starting to take notice of. With the growing concern of climate change and the dwindling resources of future generations, companies with sustainability programs like Wyndham Worldwide show a strong commitment to protecting the environment. The Wyndham Green initiative deals with external reporting that stakeholders have said help to drive Wyndham’s stock price. I am excited to be a part of Wyndham’s sustainability program since it first started back in 2006, and I look forward to contributing to the Company’s future success.

An average day varies constantly in my department. One day, I could be focused on entering and analyzing data, another day I could be working on sustainability presentations for associates, or giving a tour to external building managers or visitors. I love the constantly changing dynamic of the role as it keeps me from doing the same thing every day. 


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